Industrial Lubricant Company - ILCO

We currently operate 6 service centers that are staffed with lubrication equipment service technicians and staff and equipped with inventory, trucks and service equipment. We serve customers in 22 states, from our facilities in Texas, Wyoming, North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. We also serve customers in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Industrial Lubricant Company is a specialty industrial service company


Committed to assisting our customers increase their productivity and reduce their costs through providing world class knowledge, services and products.  Founded in 1943, for 75 years Industrial Lubricant Company has served mining, railroad, construction, timber and agricultural industries with value-added and documented efficiency improvements through the design, installation and monitoring of custom lubrication systems. Our heritage of providing quality value-added solutions has expanded to include filtration services, programs, products, and product knowledge designed to increase uptime and productivity.

lubrication equipment and service

Industrial Lubricant Company and our 100+ employees are dedicated to our Vision, Mission and Values. 

We are an independent and family-owned business with continuous full-time leadership, management and ownership since 1943 from the Hoolihan and Haarklau families.  This allows us to maintain our timeless commitment to our customers, employees and partners and to always focus on our long-term and excellent relationships and solutions.

The Hoolihan family has built Industrial Lubricant Company around lubrication equipment and custom lubrication systems.


Twin Cities Business and its sponsor partners recognize these successful Minnesota family businesses and the values they perpetuate.

2015 Minnesota Family Business Awards Stories of entrepreneurial success—family style.

"It has adjusted to the boom and bust of the iron mining industry by adding new services and markets." by Gene Rebeck October 30, 2015.